Will Congressman Wittman Put His Money Where His Mouth Is To End the Republican Shutdown?

Will Congressman Wittman Put His Money Where His Mouth Is To End the Republican Shutdown?

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October 5, 2013

Contact: Marc Broklawski

Marc Broklawski, the Chair of the First Congressional District Democratic Committee, calls on Congressman Wittman to put his money where his mouth is to end the Republican government shutdown by bringing forth and voting on a clean Continuing Resolution (CR).

“All we hear from Congressman Wittman are platitudes and statements loose enough to drive a truck through,” Broklawski said. “Congressman Wittman has said that he will vote for a clean CR — but only if one is brought to the floor — but he’s doing his best to keep that from happening. Good thing for him, the Democrats are willing to bail him out again.”

The House rules allow for a procedure called a “discharge petition” that is designed to break a legislative logjam like the one blocking a clean CR from coming to the floor. All that’s needed is enough congressmen to sign a letter to the Speaker that will allow a bill to come to the floor for a vote.

Broklawski points out that there is such a letter being drafted and circulated now. “The question is — will Congressman Wittman sign it and make good on his promises? Is he in the Shutdown Party or the Back-to-Work Party?”

The people of the First District are waiting.

The First Congressional District runs from Fauquier and Prince William to Newport News, with tens of thousands of residents dependent on the federal government for jobs and services.



House Dems to pursue discharge petition to force vote on reopening government


What about that Wittman “clean CR” promise?


Congressman Wittman Voted to “Block Vote on Re-Opening Government. Congressman Wittman voted to block consideration of a vote on a clean government funding resolution. According to Talking Points Memo, “The House rejected Wednesday an effort by House Democrats to put a clean temporary spending bill on the floor, closing one opportunity to re-open the federal government.” Following the vote, Fox News reporter Chad Pergram tweeted “House rejects effort to consider clean CR to re-open gov’t on procedural vote. 230 to 194.” [HJ Res 59, Vote #512, 10/02/13; Talking Points Memo, 10/02/13; Twitter, 10/02/13]


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