First District Democrats Nominate Norm Mosher for Congress

First District Democrats Nominate Norm Mosher for Congress

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June 7, 2014

Contact: Marc Broklawski

First District Democrats Nominate Norm Mosher for Congress

At the First Congressional District Democratic Convention today, Democrats nominated Norm Mosher for Congress.

Norm Mosher is a resident of Irvington, VA and previously served on the Town Council of Irvington.

“I’m running because I’m seeing how Congress is dysfunctional — it’s not working at all. Our families, our communities and our Commonwealth are paying the price. People need to be able to look forward to the future. This means economic security for all — good jobs, good roads and good schools,” said Mosher.

“When folks look up at Congress and see all the partisan wrangling and dirt throwing they lose faith. Why should people have any trust in our government if it’s not accountable? I want to restore people’s faith in America and the American Dream. Our challenges can be our opportunities to do things in new ways, in better ways — but first we have to learn to work together again — and that’s why I am standing here today. Through my life I’ve gained experience, knowledge and know-how on leading teams to meet overwhelming challenges. I’ve answered my country’s call for service before, and I’m answering it now.”

Norm retired from the Navy with the rank of Captain, after a 26 year career. During his career, he commanded ships in both the Atlantic and Pacific, and a squadron of destroyers in the Pacific. Mosher was an early volunteer to serve in Vietnam. Even before the arrival of American combat troops, he was sailing the Vietnam coasts and mouth of the Mekong River in wooden junks as an advisor to a paramilitary group. Later, the first ship he commanded was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation for its performance in the coastal waters of Vietnam. For his service in this period, he was awarded the Legion of Merit with Combat Distinguishing Device, the Bronze Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device, and the Air Medal.

Following retirement from the Navy, he became a Professional Staff Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee chaired by the highly respected Senator Sam Nunn.  Norm was responsible for analytical oversight of $25 billion of the Department of Defense budget for Research and Development, and Procurement for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Special Operations forces.

“I’m delighted to endorse Norm Mosher for Congress,” said Ted Hontz. “As a former Naval officer and businessman, and as a long term resident of the First Congressional District, he’s the right person at the right time. But more importantly, Norm Mosher has the know-how and  understands the diverse needs of our citizens, so he won’t need a ramp-up period to be effective on Capitol Hill. As a entrepreneur and businessman, Norm understands the issues important to the business community. You won’t see Norm voting to shut down the government and denying pay to the large government and contractor workforce in the district.  And for many small businesses, those losses were never regained. I’m excited about the potential to have a congressman who votes for the best interests of his constituents. Norm Mosher is the leader we’ve been looking for to represent us in Congress.”

In 1990, Mosher started his own consulting company specializing in ocean research, shipbuilding, ship propulsion systems, and related areas. Mosher’s clients included shipbuilding companies, marine propulsion companies, and the world’s leading ocean research institution where he developed an interest in the science underlying global warming and climate change.

Norm and his wife, Jan, moved to Irvington, VA in 1996 and sailed their ketch to the Caribbean for the 1996 and 1997 seasons.  Mosher founded Crosswater Cats LLC in 2001 to develop and build large power catamarans. In 2005 he sailed the prototype catamaran to Bermuda in a West Marine power boat rally. The 600 odd miles from Thimble Shoals Light in Chesapeake Bay to the Bermuda Spit Buoy was covered in 51 hours. The second boat came in 26 hours later.

Currently, Norm serves as a board member of LJI, INC, a young nonprofit organization developing programs for at-risk girls in India who have been rescued from human trafficking. LJI is building a publishing platform to address policy and practice in this area.

“Norm Mosher is a fighter. We need someone who is going to fight for us. During the government shutdown, the current Congressman didn’t do anything to bring the impasse to an end because he didn’t want to rock the boat. Even when people in our district were hurting, he couldn’t bring himself to challenge his partisan handlers. We need more than a yes man who just follows his partisan leaders. Norm Mosher understands the needs of our diverse district and he knows how to sail in rough waters. He’s not afraid, he won’t back down. This is the kind of leadership we need and deserve,” said Marc Broklawski, Chair, Virginia’s First Congressional District Democratic Committee.



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