First CD Chair Slams GOP Lawsuit to Deprive Voter Rights

First CD Chair Slams GOP Lawsuit to Deprive Voter Rights

Virginia’s First Congressional District Democratic Committee Chairman Marc Broklawski released the following statement on the GOP lawsuit to deprive voter rights:

“As Americans become more concerned about mass incarceration and the need for criminal justice reform, one area of concern is whether someone who has been convicted of a crime and paid their price to society should be forever deprived of their right to vote. In too many cases people convicted of relatively minor, nonviolent crimes who have served their time and paid their fines are still shut out of our democracy. When people make mistakes and then correct their mistakes and lead decent, law-abiding lives they shouldn’t be forced to sit on the sidelines during elections.

This Republican lawsuit is right out of the Jim Crow playbook and is so typical of Speaker Bill Howell and his Republican cronies. His standard operating procedure is taking away things from poor people and people who’ve had to struggle. First he’s yanked away health care by denying Medicaid expansion to 400,000 Virginians and now he’s trying to steal away the right to vote for 200,000 Virginians — many of whom are African American.

This lawsuit is reminiscent of the bad old days of poll taxes, literacy tests and inane voter questions like how many bubbles in a bar of soap that were used to deprive people of their franchise. The right to vote is so fundamental that we should be doing everything we can to expand voting, not restrict it to a privileged few.”

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