Local Committees (1st CD)

Caroline County Democratic Committee

Chair: Matt Rowe

Email: chairman@carolinedems.com

Phone: 804-514-8542

Website: www.carolinedems.com

Meeting Schedule: Meetings of Caroline County Democratic Committee are held at The Timbers in Ladysmith on the second Saturday of the month at 11:00am.

Essex County Democratic Committee

Chair: Jacob Plummer

Email: japlummer72@gmail.com

Phone: 804-296-2478

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are the third Thursday of the month at 7 PM at the Essex County Public Library (117 N Church Ln) in Tappahannock.

Fauquier County Democratic Committee (Part)

Chair: Conway Porter

Email: connie630@fastmail.fm

Phone: 540-347-7216

Website: http://sites.google.com/site/fauquiercountydemocrats/home

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM at the Warren Green Building in Warrenton.

1st CD Precincts:

Bealeton (303)
Catlett (102)
Lois (104)
Morrisville (301)

1st CD Partial Precincts:

Remington (302)

Fredericksburg Democratic Committee

Chair: Jason Graham

Email: jason.n.graham@gmail.com

Website: http://fredericksburgdems.org/

Meeting Schedule: In 2012, the regular monthly meetings of the Fredericksburg Democratic Committee will be held on the second Wednesday of each month, beginning in February, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM in meeting room #2 of the CRRL Headquarters building.

Gloucester County Democratic Committee

Chair: Dianne Carter

Email: advn2rgirl@gmail.com

Phone: 804-642-2397

Website: http://www.gloucestervademocrats.org/

Mailing Address: PO Box 1589, Gloucester, VA 23061

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are the third Monday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Abingdon Volunteer Fire & Rescue Station #5, 3239 Providence Road, Hayes, VA 23072.

James City County Democratic Committee (Part)

Chair: Jen Tierney

Email: gemini2twins@cox.net

Phone: 619-851-5462

Website: http://www.jamescitydems.com

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are the third Thursday of the month at 7 PM at 5249 Olde Towne Road in Williamsburg.

1st CD Precincts:

Berkeley A Part 1 (101)
Berkeley A Part 2 (1012)
Berkeley B Part 1 (1021)
Berkeley B Part 2 (1022)
Berkeley C (103)
Jamestown A (201)
Jamestown B (202)
Powhatan A (301)
Powhatan B (302)
Powhatan C (303)
Powhatan D (304)
Roberts A Part 1 (5011)
Roberts A Part 2 (5012)
Roberts C Part 1 (5031)
Roberts C Part 2 (5032)
Stonehouse A (401)
Stonehouse B (402)
Stonehouse C (403)

1st CD Partial Precincts:

Roberts B (502)

King & Queen County Democratic Committee

Chair: V. Eileen Long

Email: elongforjustice@yahoo.com

Phone: 804-769-0062

King George County Democratic Committee

Chair: Helene Kelly

Email: helenekelly1@gmail.com

Phone: 540-663-4206

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month, with the exception of November, at the Old Middle School now the location of the Library at 7 PM.

King William County Democratic Committee

Chair: Andrea Geiger

Email: andrea@geigerlawyer.com

Phone: 804-769-2984

Website: http://www.kwdems.org/

Lancaster County Democratic Committee

Chair: Jan Smith

Email: jancsmith1046@yahoo.com

Phone: 804-761-9766

Website: http://www.lancovadems.org/

Meeting Schedule: Attend a LCDC Meeting. The LCDC Meets the 4th Monday of most months @ 7:00 pm. Doors open at 6:30 for a short social. Snacks and drinks are available. Check Our Calendar for Updates. The meetings take place at Bank of Lancaster Meeting Room, Lancaster Square Shopping Center (Food Lion and McDonald’s), Kilmarnock, VA.

Mathews County Democratic Committee

Chair: Bud Ward

Email: bud4u@nnwifi.com

Phone: 804-725-6998

Website: http://www.mathewsdems.com/

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are the fourth Thursday of the month at 7 PM at the Historic Courthouse in Mathews, VA.

Middlesex County Democratic Committee

Co-Chair: Barbara Cockrell

Email: barbara.morning.cockrell686@gmail.com

Phone: 804-824-4897

Co-Chair: Louise Woods

Email: lpwoods@rivnet.net

Phone: 804-776-6848

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are the fourth Thursday of the month at the Cooks Corner Office Complex on General Puller Highway, 1/2 mile east of the intersection with Route 629. We gather at 6:30 PM for a social time and the meeting begins at 7 PM.

Newport News Democratic Committee (Part)

Co-Chair: Deloris Thomas

Email: deloris.thomas@gmail.com

Phone: 703-298-0986

Co-Chair: Gene Magruder

Email: genemagruder@aol.com

Phone: 757-595-9857

Website: http://www.newportnewsdemocrats.com/index2.html

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are the fourth Thursday of the month at 7 PM at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Hall in Newport News.

1st CD Precincts:

Greenwood (110)

Northumberland County Democratic Committee

Chair: Frank Kober

Email: FJKOBER@aol.com

Phone: 804-580-5255

Prince William County Democratic Committee (Part)

Chair: Harry Wiggins

Email: hwiggins01@yahoo.com

Phone: 202-255-6714

Website: http://www.pwcdems.com/

1st CD Precincts:

Ashland (309)
Bennett (102)
Benton (203)
Brentsville (101)
Bristow Run (111)
Cedar Point (112)
Ellis (106)
Forest Park (310)
Glenkirk (408)
Henderson (307)
Lake Ridge (501)
Limestone (113)
Lodge (207)
Marshall (202)
Marsteller (107)
McCoart (204)
Montclair (308)
Mullen (411)
Nokesville (104)
Park (109)
Pattie (305)
Penn (210)
Powell (211)
Quantico (304)
Sinclair (404)
Stonewall (405)
Sudley North (409)
Victory (108)
Washington-Reid (306)
Westgate (407)
Westridge (208)
Woodbine (209)

1st CD Partial Precincts:

Buckland Mills (110)

Richmond County Democratic Committee

Chair: W.T. Scott

Phone: 804-333-3215

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are the fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM at the REA building.

Spotsylvania County Democratic Committee (Part)

Chair: Douglass Ferguson

Email: dougferg@verizon.net

Phone: 540-898-3749

Website: http://www.spotsydems.org/

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are the third Monday of the month at 7 PM at the Salem Church Library (2607 Salem Church Rd) in Fredericksburg.

1st CD Precincts:

Battlefield (701)
Brent’s Mill (702)
Grange Hall (303)
Hazel Run (302)
Plank Road (301)
Summit (401)

1st CD Partial Precincts:

Lee Hill (403)

Stafford County Democratic Committee

Chair: Steve Aycock

Email: steveaycock@vacoxmail.com

Website: http://www.stafforddemocrats.org/

Westmoreland County Democratic Committee

Chair: Rosemary Mahan

Email: rivahmahans@aol.com

Phone: (804) 840-4831

Williamsburg Democratic Committee

Chair: Mary Cotrill

Email: marycottrill@hotmail.com

Phone: 757-253-6404

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Stryker Building (412 North Boundary Street) in Williamsburg.

York-Poquoson Democratic Committee

Chair: Jake Evans

Email: jevans@yorkpoqdems.com

Phone: (757) 880-5272

Website: http://www.yorkpoqdems.com

Twitter: @yorkpoqdems

Meeting Schedule: We would like to invite you to our monthly meetings held on the first Monday of every month at 7:00 PM. The meetings are held at the York High School Kiva. Directions can be found here.