Historic district boundaries

The Virginia First District started in 1788 covering the counties of Berkeley, Frederick, Hampshire, Hardy, Harrison, Monongalia, Ohio, Randolph and Shenandoah. Of these only Shenandoah and Frederick Counties are in Virginia today; the rest are now part of West Virginia. The modern counties of Clarke, Warren and most of Page as well as the independent city of Winchester were included as part of Frederick and Shenandoah counties in 1788. In West Virginia all the current state north and east of a generalized line running from Wood County to Pocahontas County was in the congressional district. The one exception was that Pendleton County, West Virginia was in Virginia’s 3rd congressional district.

In the redistribution which followed the 1850 census (in force 1853-1863), the First District comprised sixteen counties in eastern Virginia. The counties included (amongst others) Accomack, Essex, Gloucester, James City, King and Queen, Mathews, Middlesex, New Kent, Richmond, Warwick and Westmoreland. In an 1862 Union special election three out of the sixteen counties in the Union district supplied returns.

Current district boundaries

In 2016, the district was redrawn and now includes the following counties and/or cities: Caroline, Essex, Fredericksburg, Gloucester, Hanover, King and Queen, King George, King William, Lancaster, Mathews, Middlesex, Nothumberland, Richmond (county), Stafford, Westmoreland, Fauquier (Part), James City (Part), Prince William (Part), and Spotsylvania (Part).

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